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From a sermon of Fr. Pavel Florensky, who died in Stalin’s purges:

… if you could only realise how beautiful you all are! Does not the priest swing the censer to the Holy Spirit Who lives in you, when he turns to you with the incense? Is it not the altar of the internal temple that he envelops with clouds of incense? And is not man – also the self-same icon of God? For, as in the icon beyond the paints and the wood, the grace of the Lord is present, so behind the flesh of man, beyond it and the sinful soul, dwells in the innermost temple, in the many-eyed conscience – the Holy Spirit.


We hope you enjoy visiting this “online home” for the St. Nikolai of Zhitsa Mission.

Many people appreciate the opportunity to check out a Church community online, and that is one of the reasons for www.orthodoxwhitehorse.org. This is also a site where members of the Mission community can stay informed about upcoming services and events, and reflect on the Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday.

Whether you are just curious about our community, would like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity, or are searching to find a spiritual home, please know that you are always welcome at the St. Nikolai Mission!

God bless you!

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