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October 26, 2018 by Orthodox Whitehorse

Even thirty years ago, it was not easy to find books about the Orthodox Christian faith in the English language. Now, as many people are discovering the truth and beauty of Orthodoxy, a rich treasury of literature has become available, especially through book stores and publishers such as:

Many Orthodox books, as well as the Orthodox Study Bible, have now become available in printed and in digital versions, through Indigo/Chapters/Coles and through Amazon.

A great source for Orthodox ebooks is the Ancient Faith Store.

An excellent journal of Orthodox faith and culture is Road to Emmaus, published quarterly and available by subscription.

A very well produced Christian history series written by scholars from a variety of Christian traditions, not only from an Orthodox perspective, is the The Christians, Their First Two Thousand Years, available in a 12-book series. The complimentary web-based journal is The Christians.com, which also has home-school and study materials.

Here are a few books that have been meaningful to us as the St. Nikolai Mission community. Over time, we hope to add more recommended titles here, to help you on your journey with Christ.

The Orthodox Study Bible

The Orthodox Study Bible

The Ancient Faith Prayer Book, burgundy cover. Includes the most ancient and popular prayers of Orthodox Christians.

The Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Kallistos

The Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Kallistos

The Orthodox Way by Metropolitan Kallistos

The Orthodox Way by Metropolitan Kallistos

For the Life of the World cover

The Gospel of Matthew: Torah for the Church (Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series)

Also available as an ebook and audible

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